G R O W I N G     B U I L D I N G S     B U I L D I N G     G A R D E N S – Greenbrick Design Ethos

We do ongoing research related to practice within the “Sustainability triangle”- where a balance of technical, social and economic factors factors are taken into account. Some of the technical research undertaken in various projects include:
  •  Green roofs - both intensive and extensive on flat and pitched roofs
  • Green walls - interior and exterior - incl. substructure and irrigation
  • Eco pools/ swimming ponds- enviromentally friendly pools with bio and plant filters - no chemicals
  • Solar heating - for underfloor and water heating applications
  • Passive building design in all climates ensures low energy requirements for heating and cooling
  • Rammed earth walls- using soil from site to build your home/ parts thereof - aesthetically modern and cost saving