Due to an art background a strategy of layering colour/ texture / pattern is applied to a number of projects.

This visual matrix a " seduction of the eye" is used a a counterpoint as well as an extension to an embodied experience of the architecture and landscape.

  • Facades - at a number of Sun 1 Hotels an exploration of  colour/ texture and panels is used as a strategy to physically rebrand existing hotels without rebuilding.
    • Sun1 Benoni - Gable end walls and colour used to relocate entrance to side facade and re-presence the street corner facade 
    • Sun1 Midrand 
    • Sun1 Port Elizabeth 
    • This is taken to it's minimalist extreme in Sun1 Berea and Park Station Inn where only paint/ colour is used in transforming facades in existing delapidated urban environments.
    • Sun1 Durban is taken a step further with an extension which transforms the whole hotel
    • Sun1 Newcastle is the proposed new hotel was designed sustainably with passive climatic principles and yet also using the same visual formal strategy in the context of a greenfield project 
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